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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Cool. I found a new coffee place that has free WiFi! Salento in Rice Village. It has a sweet ambiance to it and a nice selection of house music...seems to be set up for laptops--there's a cove in the back with a lot of lounging space and outlets. Now if only the coffee was better...actually, its not bad, just different. Go to www.salentocoffee.com.

Last night was a clusterf---. Good thing I came to Memorial early to work out. I went out and did some mtb trailwork and did the fruit loop as well for some sprints. Lasted about 1.5 hrs. Then I came back when the rest of the crew was showing up. We were going to do a brick workout at the fruit loop when Deb raced in telling me that Renee got into an accident. She was alright and just waiting for the police to come by so that she could file a report, so I'm not sure why I drove over there just to wait with her...for 2 hours! I missed all of practice. I'm sure Rick would have made me go and make sure she was ok anyway. At least no one got hurt.

I went to Sam's Boat after getting back. Had a few drinks and too much food. Don't know why we keep coming back there--nothing too special and the service is nothing to be desired. Oh well, old habits are hard to break, I guess. Firestarter is playing right now...

Weather is nasty right now--gonna make it hard for me to get motivated to workout...I need to though since I missed yesterday's practice...back to the job decision.


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