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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

G's to the bizack and ladies here we gizo

OK, the Masi doesn't need a wash anymore. I'm an idiot. I decided to go riding this afternoon through what I can only describe as a downpour. Water was spilling off of my hubs as if they were connected to a faucet. The large drops of water stung my face and arms. After a while there were no longer puddles here and there--the entire road was covered by sheets of water. I was the only "dedicated" one out there. I kept yelling, "is that all you got, huh?!" and the rain would correspondingly get harder. I stopped taunting the rain god after a while. While I was able to keep a speed of about 22-23mph, there were times I couldn't even keep my eyes open--the rain stung too much. After 12 miles, I finally called it quits and wouldn't you know, as soon as I opened my trunk the rain stopped. Bastard. That was fine, though. Adventure racers should be used to foul weather. I actually liked all of it except the not being able to see part. The hum of my wheels cutting through the river of rainwater was a calming, soothing sound.

I then went to REI afterwards to buy chainstay guards, slime tubes, and co2 cartridges. That's it. I'm on a budget..and its called "P-O".


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