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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ludacris says its Saturday

Ok, I'm tired of projecting a gloomy persona. I was going to start this blog off with something lame like, "the weather seems to mirror my day today--cloudy and dreary." Not today--I'll take a break from all that crap. I will say that I just found out that a friend of mine just left for Oklahoma City today to meet her boyfriend. I'm just perturbed because I wasn't invited when I usually am invited to all road trips. Especially now that I have no work obligations. Oh well. Will have to occupy my time some other way. There is a party tonight, so maybe I'll hit that. I should also figure out some other road trip as my days of freedom are numbered. I'm going to be an Associate and should start work on Dec 1. I'm actually pretty sad that I'll be losing my freedom--usually I'd be going crazy right now because I'd be so bored. I think all of the races and training have kept me busy. I'll miss that the most. But I do miss the financial freedom--have to definitely get that back, so work must be done.

Just found out one of our papers got nominated for another award--the T. Y. Lin award. All you engineers out there know who he is, so you know this is a prestigous award. I'm happy about that. Also, my former advisor is planning to fly me over to Tucson to get my input on some of the research that they are about to undertake--stuff that stemmed from the work I did at ND. I can't wait! I'll have to do some hiking when I'm over there...maybe visit Tombstone if I have the time! "I'll be your Huckleberry."


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