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Friday, November 19, 2004

Muddy Kenny

OK, I AM an idiot. A day after the torrential rains I decide to do a trail run in Memorial. Most of the trails were ok, just a little moist and a few puddles here and there. But when I got closer to the bayou, that's when I ran into trouble. Some of the trails flanked and even crossed some of the creeks leading to the bayou and they were virtually impossible to follow. Apparently the water got so high that they covered the trails will a thick, nasty mud. The first time I encountered these trails I got lost. I was too concerned about not sliding into the creek. The second time around I figured out what I did wrong, but still got my shoes and hands all muddy trying to keep my balance. Mosquitos were abound so I didn't dink around trying to find the safest route. I made it out, but it was obvious that I was the only fool who tried to "run" through those trails. I was spent afterwards--a couple of pounds of mud on your shoes makes a huge difference! The whole endeavor took more than an hour.

We had nav training again during AR practice. We had 3 points to find and it was new Dave, Vera, Renee and I. We weren't supposed to run. I let the others do the navigation this time, but after a while I got impatient and started doing more of the navigation myself. The first one was not a problem and we hit it perfectly on a pacecount. The second we had more trouble with because the plot point was on the other side of a creek from where it really was. That was probably my fault. The third wasn't too hard, but we almost missed it because we almost turned around right before we stumbled on it. Thankfully, Dave had a higher viewpoint and spotted it before we turned around. We also had trouble finding the trail leading to it because the entrance was overgrown with brush. Overall, it was a good outing because we found them all, which is a great accomplishment!

Nav God!


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