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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Another Rainy Day

Yep, another rainy day. Didn't have the desire to go out and run in the rain so I just spent the whole day at home, veggin. I probably will hit the gym tonight, just cause I need to do something so that I don't feel like a total slug. It must be the post-party depression or something...speaking of, look what I got a hold of from the RUMSPRINGA Halloween Party:

Actually, there are other, more incriminating pics but I figured I shouldn't post them here in fear of my life. There are some good pictures from last night's party floating around out there, but I have none of them. Looks like my political career is over...again. Decided to take some time out to cook this weekend--made an omelet for breakfast and cooked up a steak and some rice for dinner. I was planning to do a 12hr race with Tina this December, but its coinciding with a research meeting in Tucson. I do have a couple of 24hr races that i have committed to--one in Jan (Big Chill in Bastrop) and Feb (Swamp Stomp in Florida). The one in Bastrop involves a tyrolean traverse and an inline skate section! That means more skating for me..I just put on the brake on one of my skates since I figured that will be essential in race conditions. Pretty excited.


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