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Monday, November 22, 2004

Crocodile on my feet, fox fur on my back, bowtie around my neck, start callin me a gangsta mack in a cadillac

Smooth. Decided to brave the oh so wonderful weather and go for a 6 mile run. Luckily I timed it just right and I didn't get dumped on. It really started to come down as soon as I left the park. I tried something different this time: instead of shooting for an average pace for the whole distance, I shot for an average pace for the first half and then shot for a negative split for the second. It worked out well. I figure this is a good way to train my body to kick it into high gear towards the end of a race. Hardly anyone was out there of course. I really hope the weather turns soon or I'm going to go kichigai!


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