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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Chanel no. 5

Nice. Just got back from Jill's party. Mostly Jill's friends but there were some HART people who showed. Chad, Angus, Ashley, Mike, Stan, Melissa, Iris, and Luis. It was really good. It seeemed like a lot of peeps there were going through a lot at the time, so it was good to commizerate. I feel better. Had a few heart to hearts...no pun intended. I feel great, but hten again i;ve had a few wells than I expedcted. I;m glad that a few people decided to stay longer with me...I felt needed. The spread awas great--Jill's housemate Zack was amazing! Keg, wine, and open bar--whoa nelly! The food was good too! I tried to get more info about the race out of Luis but he seemed preoccupied. Ash is an awesome person. Zzzzzzzzzz


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